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Sample Animation Tutorial

More Animation Tutorials

Title Language Tools used Difficulty Description
This is my Exploration of myself and my home , in Stop Motion1 English Stop Motion Novice Stop Motion combines the art of video with still pictures and offers a special way of communicating using the best of both! What could you create with Stop Motion to tell about you or your home?
Learn How I Made my Stop Motion Video2 English Stop Motion Novice Take a look at the attached file for Tips and Hints
Tutorial for Word Art Stop Motion3 English Stop Motion Novice This is Another Method to Create a Stop Motion Video, using Word Art

Here are some dancing figure images you can use to create your stop motion animation:


Here are some software programs and apps you can use to create stop motion:

NFB StopMo Studio
Clay Frames (android app)
iStopMotion for Mac
Stop Motion Pro for Windows
Stop Motion Recorder for iPad
Animation Creator HD for iPad
Flip Book for iPad
iMovie for iPad or Mac
MyStopAction for iPad
Smoovie for iPad and Mac
Draw and Show for iPad
Animation Creator for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Stop Motion Studio for iPad

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