About Mi Casa Su Casa

A Brief Introduction about Mi Casa Su Casa:

Mi Casa, Su Casa is a wiki site. Why did we create a wiki site? What is a wiki site?

A wiki site is never finished. A wiki site is a site that allows anyone to add to it. A wiki site requires people to participate. It is as good as everyone, together, makes it.

Mi Casa, Su Casa wiki site is a project created for the Masters of Educational Technology (MET) program through the University of British Columbia, for the course ETEC 510, "The Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments". We have started the site off with the creation of some tutorials and media creations. We need you to add more tutorials and more media. Please participate!

Mi Casa, Su Casa is a place we hope will inspire you to create to participate, to share, learn, exchange.

Special thanks goes to the following educational desginers for their contribution to this site. To learn more about the designers please see the video below.

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